we make learning music a fun experience

At Shanghai Music Lab, we have one utmost goal:
We want our students to have fun playing and progressing on their music instruments. Kids should happily attend their lessons and enjoy learning music without being exposed to pressure. Instead of forcing your child to learn a music instrument, let fun stimulate her/his musical progress! Because learning and making music can and should  be fun!

Shanghai Music Lab provides the ideal environment to make music fun:


Individual support following each child’s abilities, learning pace and musical interests


Motivational international teachers with a lot of patience and experience in teaching children of all ages


Carefully picked teaching material and additional individual scores and arrangements of your child’s favorite songs


The option to try out a variety of different music instruments in combined or alternating lessons and small groups


The possibility to professionally record your music, take part in music production workshops and try out your instrument in a band set-up

and more ...

Additional services all around music and your child’s instrument (changing strings, support with buying an instrument, etc.)

our services:

Instrumental instructions

piano and keyboard, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, drums, ukulele, recorder (flute), violin, and more on request

Band and ensemble coaching

Rock, Pop and Jazz bands - name your instrument and your style, and we make it possible

Workshops on music production

We show you how to record, produce and mix music on the computer

Music and vocal recordings

We professionally record and engineer your singing to a playback, your band session, or your voice-over track on your video

Instrument rentals and sales

We help you to find the instrument of your choice - we sell and rent out acoustic and electric pianos, drum sets and all kinds of music instruments and equipment

Piano tuning and transportation

Need to move or to tune your piano? Get in contact with us!

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who is shanghai music lab?

Andreas Vath

Before starting Shanghai Music Lab in 2017, German multi-instrumentalist Andreas Vath had worked as music coordinator, language and music teacher and audio engineer at a German international school in Shanghai – adding to his experience of over 20 years in teaching, playing and producing music. In addition to his activities at Shanghai Music Lab, Andreas composes and produces the music for his electronic Jazz project Chekov (www.chekov-music.de)

band coaching examples

Plasma Fire

Plasma Fire is a Rock / Pop band of six students, who take part in Shanghai Music Lab’s band coaching programme.

Listen to Plasma Fire’s first original composition “I don’t care”. Music by Plasma Fire, lyrics by Plasma Fire’s vocalist, Mira Kress. Produced, recorded and mixed at Shanghai Music Lab.